© BSP 2013 Beech forests provide a lot of seeds in some years, but very little in others. Non-native spruce forests serve very few specialist birds  Birds of the Winter Forest (book) is out! Forest birds surveys for forest management are usually performed during the breeding season. However, the winter bird community is very different from the birds we observe during spring and summer. Also, the winter forest is used in a completely different way by birds than during the reproductive season. Therefore, we surveyed birds in two Dutch forests during the winter for six years, and, by a novel approach of data collecting and handling, were able to discover what is important for birds in wintertime and thus for nature management. The book serves three purposes: 1) To help bird researchers to discover the forest bird community in their own study area by adopting the basics of our methodology, 2) to help foresters to make educated decisions on tree stand management, taking their value to avian survival in the winter into account, 3) to provide background information on forest birds in the winter to everyone who likes to know more about these birds. The many pictures that will be included in the book show a lot of bird behaviour and help to provide the ecological framing.       Authors: Arnold van den Burg and Peter van Geneijgen