© BSP 2013 Plants and insects are discussed in the field. We are careful not to pick rare plants. Insects are released. Bring binoculars!   Of course, we will also watch and enjoy other wildlife. Plant and insect biodiversity Do you want to be able to recognise insects and plants in the field? This course teaches you families and important genera (especially in plants) based on characteristics that are easily discernible in the field, with only the aid of a 10x magnifier. The exact taxa which we cover during this course depend on what we find: in 2012 this mounted up to 111 insect and 148 plant groups and even more in 2013! We organise this two-week course in southern France, in Les Landes and the Pyrenees. We only take small groups (up to 16 participants) and participants bring their own tents, to be put up at different camp sites. We try to be as flexible as possible concerning the places where we go, depending on the weather. Details of future events will follow as soon as possible. If you are interested, please send us an email, and we will keep you posted.      Teaching: Theo Peeters, Albert Dees                 Arnold van den Burg