© BSP 2013 Advisory projects Our projects are often funded by organisations seeking advice on particular topics. All our advisory recommendations are evidence based, either through acquired data or literature review. As scientists, our advisory projects take a scientific approach. Typically, our advisory projects integrate different approaches from the biological sciences, for example from molecular and cell biology to landscape ecology and from pathological studies to biodiversity surveys. Also societal aspects are included in the mix. This integrative nature of projects typifies Biosphere Science Productions as an organisation. Despite the knowledge-area that we span, we often work together with other experts, as to cover (in more detail) particular aspects of a given problem.  In trying to solve problems that are encountered by customer organisations, we highly value clear dialogue throughout the duration of the project. In this way, the problem is most accurately described and proposed solutions match both the problem and possible customer remediation strategies. Please contact us if we can be of help.