Mission statement  Our mission is to collect and integrate scientific findings from the biological sciences and to present them in a way that results in more appreciation for the complexity and biodiversity of life on earth, and, where applicable, provides tools to improve the quality of the environment and human well-being. © BSP 2013 Short CV’s Stef waasdorp graduated in 2006 in Forest and Nature Management. From 2003 onwards, he was involved in research of the Bargerveen Foundation, where he worked until autumn 2013. Specialised in ornithological field studies, and expert in finding nests, catching and ringing birds, and reading rings from live birds. His aim is to be part of (research) projects as field assistant. Theo Peeters studied teaching biology and geography in Tilburg. After working zoological collections in Amsterdam and Leiden, I worked at EIS-Nederland in Leiden on the atlas project 'Bees, wasps and ants of the Netherlands'. This resulted among others in two major publications: The Wasps and Ants of the Netherlands (Peeters et al. 2004) and 'The Bees of the Netherlands' (Peeters et al. 2012). From 1999 until 2013, I was assistant researcher at the Bargerveen Foundation, Nijmegen. During this time, I was one of the teachers of the biodiversity course of the Radboud University Nijmegen. In addition, I am active in the KNNV-section Tilburg and the Hymenopterans section of the Dutch Entomological Society. Fieldwork, sample sorting, insect identification, data processing, lecturing and teaching, and writing and editing are integral parts of my life. Albert Dees