© BSP 2013 Black woodpecker depends on dead wood Although the Black woodpecker is known to feed mostly on ants during the breeding season, in our study, beetle larva from dead wood are by far the most important food source. Nonetheless, all feeds contain at least some ants, indicating the importance of ants in the woodpeckers’ diet. As Red wood ants are scarce in most forests of our study area, maintaining dead wood is crucial for successful reproduction of Black woodpeckers. Beech, Oak, and Larch simultaneously have a poor-seed year.  Following the beech mast of 2012, and massive bird numbers last year, seed production in the winter of 2012-13 has been extremely low. By consequence, seed eating birds, like members of the finch family were very scarce. This year, seed production was good and we expect many wintering forest birds!  ‘Flower Power’ nears completion Our educational film on the relationship between variation in flower shapes and pollination strategies is nearly finished. Production will start after minor script editing and creating the voice over. We recommend this film not only for people with an interest to understand the beauty of wild flowers (shot throughout Europe), but also for lower and higher education - suitable for all ages! .