© BSP 2013 Understanding the natural world is crucial for many aspects of human life: developing medical treatments, growing food, protecting the environment, and restoring biodiversity, are all examples of applied biological sciences. In a project-by-project approach, Biosphere Science Productions aims to provide easy access in the biological sciences, based on scientific research and literature. Our products are scientific and popular publications, reports, and educational films. We also develop courses, workshops and seminars. Visit our projects-page to learn in detail what BSP is all about! The activities of Biosphere Science Productions will soon largely be incorporated in the Biosphere Science Foundation! We welcome three more co-workers (see the about us page) and are keen to develop many more projects in the short future. Biosphere Science Productions  9/10 2013: Due to cold and poor food supply, few nesting  Sparrowhawks in 2013.   Biosphere Science Productions starts working through the Biosphere Science Foundation Study Life, Protect Nature © BSP 2013 ‘Flower Power’, a film on insect- flower relationships nears completion